First Nations


We will work to facilitate meaningful negotiations between First Nations and Government and First Nations and Industry. We are experienced in working within the British Columbia Treaty Process and working with First Nations regarding "Consultation and Accommodation" issues. Our "Consultation and Accommodation" experience involves dealing with all levels of Government and various industry sectors.

Comprehensive Community Planning

We have experience in developing Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) funding proposals for a variety of federal programs. Once your CCP plan is funded we have the expertise to implement the five CCP phases in your First Nation community. We will work with your community to ensure all deliverables are met.

Human Resource Management

We will work with First Nations to develop Human Resource Policies and Procedures and we can hone existing policies and procedures. We will work with First Nations as an independent and external Human Resource Management firm to provide the additional expertise to enhance the Human Resource processes in place.

Policy & Governance Development

We strive to develop policies that reflect each unique First Nations values, customs and traditions and we work with each community to develop meaningful community policies. We are experienced in developing Cultural Heritage Protection and Management policies, Intellectual Property policies, First Nations Constitutions, Consultation and Accommodation Policies, Stewardship Policies, Terms of Reference for your organization and governance structure, and By-law drafting.